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How to Please a Man: A Strikingly Real Interview with a Delhi Independent Escorts


Hi guys, today I find a new sensual fantasy. I had dated enormous men in my life as a Delhi Independent Escorts and enjoyed a lot in their company. But today I had a new & sensational feeling when I met with a handsome journalist. He is also a sex blogger, so he know every little aspects of sensual fantasy. During my companionship he agreed me get interviewed by him for his new blog. He was so charming and generous I couldn’t forbid his request. I answered all his questions in an honest and quite enlightening way, which I generally don’t do with my clients. I mean I don’t want to talk on my past with my clients.

  1. How did you get started as an Independent escort?

I love men and their company, and I find it very exciting to be asked to have sensual company for money.I think it is the dream of every modern woman that men always keep surrounds you & talk about, and I have the opportunity to do it. I love men, and I find it very exciting to be asked to have sensual company for money.

  1. How do you find your clients?

Online using Twitter, Facebook and my personal website and sometimes with other sources like agents and escort agencies.

  1. What kinds of clients you get?

I have come across five types of clients:

  • Men, often married, between 30 and 40 years old.
  • Young single men who want to treat themselves on certain occasions.
  • Male escorts too, who want to treat themselves.
  • Older men who want to stay with a younger girl.
  • Crazy newbie boys, who just want to have escort experience
  1. What type of client do you prefer?

Open-minded, who want some sensual fun outside the boundaries of their relationship with generous gesture.

  1. What kind of requests you receive most often?

It depends on the client, but generally:

Married men usually ask me to have sensual fun to satisfy their urge.

Young single men: hire my Delhi Escorts Services for flirting, dinner dates, and intimate discussions, including a lot of kissing.

Young boys: they usually new and first timer so want to experience everything which I can do.

  1. What kind of activity requests you decline?

Homosexual (Lesbian) encounters, couple and multiple-men companionship.

  1. Are you having any boyfriend?

I used to have a boyfriend in my college days. From the time I started escorting I have never had a real boyfriend nor I have had time to have one.

  1. Do you find it difficult to date or have a relationship?

I really think that, it is the only downside of being an escort. You can’t indulge in a relationship.

  1. Is this your primary job or is it just for extra cash?

Extra cash and fun only. I don’t want to be monotonous.

  1. Do the men expect you to orgasm?

Not all the time, but only if they are very kind & young men who think about their partner to enjoy.

  1. For how long you stay in date.

From two hours to the whole night.

  1. Tell us any one secret about being an escort that,nobody would have assumed.

An elite Delhi Independent Escorts like me is able to love you and get physically as well as emotionally involved. I love men’s companionship, specifically if we had never met earlier. It is amazing to get to know each other from scratch without any cultural boundaries and restrictions.

27 Jun 2015

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18 Jun 2015